The smart way to monitor your oral health

Your breath holds important clues to your oral health. Understand what’s really happening in your mouth with Mint, the first smart oral health monitor that fits in the palm of your hand. Now available in the U.S., UK, and Ireland. Mint empowers your decisions with sophisticated breath analysis and insightful data.

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Introducing Mint

Mint uses high-end sensor technology to analyze your breath and detect indicators of harmful bacteria in your mouth.* Compact yet powerful, Mint syncs with an app to give you personalized guidance and track your oral health over time. Perform a quick, user-friendly breath test with Mint anytime, anywhere.


Personalize your experience

Based on the goals you choose in the app, Mint guides your oral health journey with programs that help confirm the effectiveness of your cleaning routine. Prepare for your next dental visit, or focus on your evening deep cleans. Personal, breath-powered data is finally at your fingertips.


Get immediate feedback

Mint analyzes your breath and gives you an accurate reading in a matter of seconds. Displayed with contextual insights, your scores are compiled for the app to visualize how changes in your daily routine affect your oral health.


*When used properly, the Mint device measures VSC’s, which are correlated to gum disease, bad breath, and the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth; three symptoms of poor oral health.