An Update on Hydration –

When we set out to build the Mint product, the mission was to expand our advanced sensor array technology and build a product that could give you valuable information about the health of your mouth.  After countless hours in the lab, thousands of tests, and many months of work, we’re in the final stages of validation before we box up the units and share them with all of you!  Throughout this intense process, we’ve discovered dozens of ways to improve our systems and have come to the conclusion that hydration measurement will not be in the first version of Mint, as originally intended.

Based on what we’ve discovered, measuring true hydration is an incredibly complicated task. In fact, a clinical device for measuring hydration does not exist due to the somewhat objective nature of body hydration.  In most cases, dehydration is clinically diagnosed through its symptoms (headache, sunken eyes, and others) rather than as an actual measurement.

A quick Wikipedia search on this topic will relay the page for Xerostomia which is often referred to as dry mouth syndrome, however, read down a paragraph and the definition reads, “Xerostomia, is the subjective feeling of oral dryness…”.  Even the medically defined version of this condition is subjective, a feeling, open to interpretation, and more than anything else, personal.

It’s our personal goal to find an accurate, repeatable, and meaningful way to measure your body’s hydration level, in parallel to monitoring your oral health with Mint, and we will continue our research in this field.

Breath easy,


Team Breathometer