Dr. Cam! Dental advisor to Breathometer

Dr. Cam! Dental advisor to Breathometer

Four months ago I received an email from my son, Bobby; he had just started a new job with a company, Breathometer.  Bobby was very excited about his new role and jogged my memory as to why he should be; that the founder, Charles Michael Yim, was featured on one of my favorite shows, Shark Tank.  Check out the original video of Charles pitching the sharks: Breathometer Shark Tank.

I was immediately intrigued that Breathometer’s new product was related to oral health.  The team was looking for input from dental professionals on this new product, Mint, and being the ever-inquisitive dentist, I started doing some research.

From my first conference call with the team, I could see the passion driving the company to produce phenomenal products that will make a significant difference in peoples’ lives.

All this before a proper introduction?  Well, my name is Cameron Edwards, DDS; I go by “Dr. Cam.” I graduated from the USC School of Dentistry in 1987 and that same year established my private practice in Walnut Creek, CA.  From 1987 to today, I have focused on treating patients with severe dental diseases and trained thousands of dentists in oral health related fields.  Additionally, I have provided hands-on continuing education courses, (which teach and train dentists and their staff,) for 3M, Inc. and Dentsply-Sirona, Inc.  I am still a practicing dentist today, and continue to have a fascination with new technologies in healthcare; especially dentistry. The rapid advances in technology have truly helped modern medicine, however, dentistry has been slow to adapt new technologies.

The oral health care market is massive and in my 29 years of practice, I have seen many new oral hygiene products hit the market.  Sadly, most quickly exit because the basics of brushing and flossing are still by far the most effective tools we have to protect our oral health.  Be sure to brush your teeth!

This is why Mint inspires me!  Mint’s power comes from the ability to very accurately monitor what’s happening in your mouth, allowing you to adjust your cleaning routine to keep a healthy smile in place.  Our journey is just getting started – follow the blog and our social channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) to see how Mint is changing the oral care routine. Until next time!


Dr. Cam

Note: When used properly, the Mint device measures VSC’s, which are correlated to gum disease, bad breath, and the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth; three symptoms of poor oral health.