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The smart way to monitor your oral health.*

Now available in the US, UK, and Ireland.

Why Oral Hygiene Matters

According to new research, over 47 percent of the U.S. adult population aged 30 years and older have mild, moderate or severe periodontitis†. Research has also shown that people with poor oral hygiene may be at a greater risk of developing serious diseases than those with good oral hygiene.


†Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

What is Mint?

The Breathometer Mint is a compact wireless device that works with your smartphone to help you understand more about your oral health. Through a highly sophisticated array of sensors, Mint can detect the signs that harmful bacteria leave behind and accurately report through the Mint app.

Confirm Cleaning Effectiveness

In a matter of seconds, Mint will draw, analyze, and record the amount of volatile sulfur compounds in your mouth utilizing our smartphone app. Preloaded with effective times to measure yourself, carry Mint with you for a quick test anytime. Before a group outing, tracking variable activity in your mouth, or building Mint into your cleaning routine, Mint is there when you need it.

Personalized Experience

Mint provides information to help you make better cleaning choices. We’ve built a machine learning back end that combines your personal data with results and your feedback, to learn and offer up tips targeted to you.

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*When used properly, the Mint device measures VSC’s, which are correlated to gum disease, bad breath, and the concentration of anaerobic bacteria in the mouth; three symptoms of poor oral health.